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Brand style guide and private label for Sanvero

Creating the brand style guide and developing the packaging for Sanvero.


The brief was to create a brand that offers various food supplements at an affordable price with minimum costs for packing production. That means no embossing, no selective lacquering, no foils and keeping the colors at the minimum.

  • Strategy

    Visual Communication, Brand Guidelines

  • Design

    Art Direction, Graphic Design

  • Client


  • Tools

    Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects

  • Tags

    Packaging, Private label, Sanvero



Design dieline

Creating the cutlines and folds for all the packages to meet the standards for the shelves present in the pharmacies.

Design concept

The packaging layout needs to be minimalistic keeping the productions costs at a minimum. Flat design with stylized elements.

Visual hierarchy

The layout on the packaging is keeping the same visual hierarchy no matter the product. This way it is embedded into the mind of the consumer.



Packaging layout

The layout on the package has a very clear direction and it's kept through all the product iterations.

Color code

Each pack has a color code associated with the main element. This was researched within top-selling brands.

Design refinement

Making the final adjustments according to stakeholders' vision on the product range.

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