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Graphic Design December 5, 2019

DONAinfo magazine for Farmaciile DONA

Layout and content for DONAinfo magazine that’s issued every 2 months and printed in 200.000 copies.


To build a simple and clean layout that can adapt very fast to content, promotions, and magazine insert changes on a bi-monthly basis.



A5 format

DONAinfo magazine A5 format has 52 pages that consist of promo
pages, articles, inserts and addresses of the pharmacies.

200.000 copies

DONAinfo magazine is printed in 200.000 copies that are delivered to DONA pharmacies all across the country on a bi-monthly basis.

Unique content

DONAinfo's magazine content is written by Farmaciile DONA's pharmacists in collaboration with the Marketing department.



Content pages

Content pages have a variable width two-column structure with the key message highlighted in a percentage of the color code corresponding to the article's category.

Promo pages

Promo pages structure consists of six offers per page grouped by interest area, food supplements, cosmetics, kids products, para pharmaceuticals.

Color code

The magazine also has a color code for each category of content that helps the reader to find the content of his interest without having to browse through the full magazine.

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